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FAQ on the bonus system

The bonus system of the Quest World Club is an opportunity for active players who visit quests and performances often and with pleasure to get additional games or other bonuses for free.

The system for converting quest points into local currency is shown in the table below.

Ukraine1 QB0.422 UAH

Any registered user of the site joins the Quest World Club and gets the opportunity to save and spend quest points. Immediately after registration and filling in the data, we credit 1,000 Quest Points to your personal bonus account. In this case, the registered user receives the initial status in the system - "Black".

The higher the status, the more bonus quest points you get for visiting quests (cashback). Members of the Club with Gold and Silver statuses also have additional opportunities to participate in the events and promotions of the World of Quests.

To upgrade your status, you need to accumulate a certain number of points according to the table. When forming the status of each user, all points accumulated by him over the past 365 days are considered. At the same time, if the points are spent before the expiration date, the status will not change.

StatusRequired questpoints
Silver3 000
Gold7 500

Quest Master is a title awarded to a player who has completed a large number of games after booking on the Quest World. The title does not bring additional bonuses, however, such users are specially noted in the Reviews section on the quest page

All quest points are accrued according to the table below automatically - you do not need to write to us and remind about enrollment. Cashback is calculated according to the status that was listed in your personal account at the time of booking. The only thing to consider is that sometimes some time must pass between the target action and accrual.

The accrual of cashback, bonuses for reviews and the use of a promotional code in a comment to a booking to a bonus account occurs after the verification of the game (on average, within 10 working days after your session). The bonus for invite a friend is credited to the inviting program participant within 10 business days after a friend visits a game booked on the "World of Quests" (provided that the invitee was not previously registered and did not book quests on our website).

Registration in a personal account1000
Visited game after booking on Quest World5%10%15%
Confirmed review after the game
(via contact form email)
Invite a friend (after visiting a game booked on Quest World)300300300

Please note:Questpoints are credited to an account only when performing actions from this account after authorization. If, for example, you book a game without authorization or from another account, then bonuses will not be credited to this account. The program starts on December 1, 2017, all targeted actions performed before this date will not be taken into account in bonuses.

Quest World reserves the right not to accrue bonus quest points for completing games and writing reviews as part of special promotions (Black Friday, Quest Night, and others), as well as games with a 50% or more discount from the initial cost of the session. Also, reviews for such game sessions do not go to the confirmed section.

Currently, Quest Points can be spent on visiting quests or gift certificates. The main conditions for activating bonuses are:

  • your bonus account must have at least 3,000 accumulated quest points;
  • Bonus quest points must fully cover the value of the bonus game/certificate. If the price is indicated on our website with a discount (as part of the exclusive "World of Quests", Black Friday or Quest Nights), the total cost of the game (minus the discount) is paid with quest points.
  • we recommend booking a session at least 72 hours before your expected game time. You can pay with quest points for any quest booked on our website with online payment (you can find out if online payment for the quest you are interested in is possible by the presence of this block under the schedule on the quest page).
  • Для такого квеста возможна предоплата

To redeem your Quest Points claim, simply book your game as usual and email us at [email protected] with the subject "Quest Points" and we will respond promptly to your request. To spend quest points on purchasing gift certificate, make sure that you have enough [show note.] bonuses on your account, then send us an application with the text “I want to purchase a certificate” by mail - we will send you a certificate of the denomination of your choice, writing off its full cost from your account on the "World of Quests".